Usable Public Space

Usable Open Space

We will create a green, walkable neighborhood that is connected to surrounding natural areas and Lake Merced. We will encourage outdoor activities by adding a large park, athletic fields, community gardens, walking and bike paths, playgrounds, and other recreational features.

Parkmerced's existing green space is largely unusable. Fragmented lawns squeezed between busy streets make pedestrian activity dangerous. The community is also currently separated from Lake Merced, one of the City's major recreation areas and open spaces. In addition, the existing street pattern and over-sized blocks discourage walking and outdoor activity.

By reconfiguring the streets, we will maximize sun exposure and wind protection, making pedestrian and outdoor recreational areas calmer and more enjoyable.

Owner's Commitment
  • Create a vibrant neighborhood for our residents and the community.
  • Use smart design and planning to reduce Parkmerced and San Francisco's impact on the environment.
  • Protect our residents and provide any who live in apartments slated for replacement with new onsite apartments at the same rent-controlled rate of their existing units. For more information, please click here.
  • Make Parkmerced an international model of 21st century urban sustainability.