Better Housing

Better Homes

Parkmerced was built in the 1940s to meet the housing needs of returning World War II veterans and workers. Today, much of its infrastructure is failing. By revitalizing Parkmerced, we will improve the quality of life for our residents and neighbors, while also creating a socially diverse, family-oriented neighborhood.

A key to this will be the addition of about an average of 200 to 300 units per year, over the next 15 to 20 years. These will include a mix of rental and for-sale units. New housing will include a range of styles from town homes to lofts to flats, varying in height from low- to mid-rise buildings. The majority of the new buildings will be three to four stories in height and the tallest proposed new buildings will be of similar height to current buildings at Parkmerced.

All buildings will be built using sustainable construction methods and materials, and will be designed to provide residents cleaner air, more sunlight, fresher water, and energy efficient appliances and heating.

Resident Protection

We will provide all current residents' rent controlled apartments for as long as they choose to live at Parkmerced. In addition, if our plan involves replacement of existing buildings at Parkmerced, any existing resident who lives in a building needing replacement will be provided a brand new rental home. The new apartment home will be rented at the same rent-controlled rate as their existing apartment prior to demolition (and also subject to the protections against rent increases of the San Francisco Rent Control Ordinance).

These new apartments would be constructed prior to the replacement of existing apartments. This would ensure that affected residents would need to move only once into a new apartment.

Our Pledge to You
Any existing resident who lives in a building slated for replacement will be provided
A Brand New the same rent-controlled rate as their existing apartment at the time of relocation.

  • Equivalent size
  • Same number of bedrooms & bathrooms.
  • Choice of alternative locations
  • Improved accessibility
  • All new appliances & fixtures including dishwasher and washer/dryers
  • Lower utility bills
  • Comfort due to well insulated walls & windows
  • Meet or exceed all updated code and seismic requirements